Author: mayer

At the DBP, we believe that the environment is an integral part of our community that we need to nurture and protect. We’ve compiled a short list of five ways you can show your appreciation of Mother Nature this Earth Day! (more…)


The DBP is excited to announce that its major donor, Prime Five Homes, is doubling its annual donation from 5% to 10% of its net profits. It is because of Prime Five Homes’ generosity that The DBP is able to operate with zero overhead and a commitment to donating 100% of net proceeds from every charitable event. (more…)


This past weekend, we’ve experienced some of the drastic weather conditions that are expected to continue due to global warming. Experts are already anticipating an exceptionally wet fall and early winter for Los Angeles. But are we equipped with the proper infrastructure for helping our city’s most in need such severe conditions? (more…)


The children of today will rule this country tomorrow. Not just a human right, a good education will also provide the next generation with the skills they need to manage the law, develop new technologies, and run successful businesses. Unfortunately however, 55% of children in Los Angeles come from socioeconomically-challenged households, and nearly half of those children are considered below the poverty line. (more…)