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Tiny people, toothless grins, and never-ending “thank-you’s” made for a magical afternoon at Bandini Elementary School on Wednesday afternoon. Hosting its first Back To School Charity Flash Mob for 2015, The DBP headed to Commerce, California with 100 backpacks in hand full of brand new school supplies.

Full of life and love, many American children are living in households with parents that work two jobs in order to put dinner on the table. They don’t get to go on vacations every summer and they’ve been using the same school backpack since kindergarten. But with the help of the wonderful staff and volunteers at After-School All-Stars, The DBP got to spend Wednesday afternoon with some of the most beautiful, appreciative, and joyful kids, and give them something to make them feel super special!

Nervous at the beginning, each student timidly took a backpack and was afraid to take the supplies themselves. With help from DBP volunteers, each child got a brand new backpack, notebooks, folders, pencil pouch, pencils, pens, glue stick, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, calculator, snacks, water bottles, and some fun toys. After collecting their backpacks, the DBP had also set up a variety of fun activities for the kids to enjoy, including a doodle wall, arts and crafts table, and mini basketball.

The DBP not only gave 100 elementary school students new backpacks and school supplies on Wednesday, the aim was also to raise awareness about the number of families living in socioeconomically-disadvantaged circumstances, and how this is affecting school enrollment statistics in Los Angeles. The numbers are terrifying but the DBP hosts these events with the hope of encouraging others to do the same and acknowledge the inequalities in our society.

If you are interested in hosting your own Charity Flash Mob, would like to become a Dreambuilder, or want to donate to our future events, please visit our Donate/Volunteer page or Contact Us!

In the meantime, check out these adorable pictures from the Back To School Charity Flash Mob at Bandini Elementary School in Commerce, CA.









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