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In case all of you art lovers didn’t know, March is National Youth Art Month, which celebrates and offers support for arts education in the classroom.

This month of art education awareness is administered by the CFAE, The Council for Art Education, a nonprofit organization created in 1961 that offers a network of support for educators from pre-k to the University level. Their mission is to strengthen visual arts education through advocacy, leadership, professional development, and recognition.

The idea of Youth Art Month is to celebrate the visual arts in grades K-12 all across the country and to encourage support of art programs in schools. The primary celebratory festivity is the State Flag Program, where each state holds a flag design competition with the winning design displayed at the Youth Art Month Museum at the National Art Education Association Convention held in March. The CAEA, California Art Education Association, has released its winner for this year, and you should definitely check it out. It is quite impressive!  

Now that you are aware of this month long celebration of the arts, there are a number of ways you can join in on the fun and support local art organizations and causes right here in Los Angeles. Here are a few great organizations that are encouraging the education and fun of the arts in our community.

Barnsdall Art Park

Located off of the infamous Hollywood Blvd, Barnsdall Art Park is a place where anyone can come and nurture their love for the arts. Supported by the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation, the park itself houses multiple buildings, including the Junior Arts Center, which offers quality art programs and classes for children in Los Angeles. Created to educate and enrich the community through the celebration of art, the Junior Arts Center provides an outlet here in our LA community for children to feel confidant as they express themselves artistically. The center has a gallery which proudly displays students’ work with free admission to the public to come and admire the outstanding talent of our youth. There are also weekly family art workshops offered on Sundays, adult art classes, outdoor movie nights, and wine tastings(we love our wine!). Whether you want to participate in the fun or volunteer to offer support, the Barnsdall Art Park offers multiple ways to celebrate your love for the arts!

LA Artcore

Promoting cultural diversity and innovation in the arts, LA Artcore offers support to artists and the community through its gallery displays and educational programs for all ages. Through the 20+ exhibitions each year, LA Artcore works to help budding artists enhance their careers, offers educational programs to the community, and encourages artistic independence and creativity among a diverse network of artistic talent. Each exhibit includes a conversation with the artist where artists will speak about their careers and work, answer questions, and often times offer demonstrations of technique to audiences. Educational programs for all ages are offered, as well as, a gallery in two locations.

The Brewery Annex, located in the well known Brewery Art Colony, believed to be the largest art colony in the country, offers a gallery to view and two art walks are put on each year to offer the public a free view of what our local artists have been creating.  If you want to check out some amazing work and perhaps learn something in the process, consider visiting LA Artcore and supporting our local art community here in Los Angeles.

Skirball Cultural Center

Embodying and promoting Jewish traditions and ideals along with cultural diversity and equality, The Skirball Cultural Center was created as a place of meeting to encourage education and unity among the community. The center offers exhibitions  to enjoy, various classes for all ages, and a location  to host events and programs in the Los Angeles area. In the support of the arts, the Skirball Center offers classes  and after school programs for children in grades pre-k-12,  free professional development for teachers in the LAUSD district, family art studio for a fun day of creation with the ones you love, and a  day long puppet festival held in April which brings together storytelling, art making, and fun for all ages. We literally could not fit all of the wonderful opportunities they offer on this page! If you love the arts, the Skirball Center has something for you to participate in and enjoy. If you want to have fun and give back, you can also apply to volunteer to assist the center in their efforts to enhance the community.

Drive the Arts

If you are due for a new license plate or want to update your existing one, you can give back to arts education and look great driving with a California Arts Plate. As a joint project between the California Arts Council and the Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Arts Plate was the first specialty plate program to benefit the arts in the U.S. The “Coastline” design offers a classic design image embodying the California feel with proceeds from sales and renewals applied toward art education programs across the state. It is an easy way to show your love for the arts and support education while updating your style! ( and an easy step if you’re already due for a DMV visit)

Education and our youth are so important to our country and community here in LA.

Let’s all go out and celebrate the arts and education this Youth Arts Month!

Written by: Jessica Paisant

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